Relay Weekend

The Relay itself is the celebration of everyone’s fundraising efforts. Teams come together for one weekend, set up camp and take it in turns to walk around the track for the duration of the event. At least one member of every team has to be on the track at all times.

During your Relay For Life event you can expect a lively mix of music, games, entertainment, food, fundraising – and perhaps a few surprises!

Although every Relay is unique, there are key elements that unite all Relay events across the world:

Web image 1Survivors Lap

Every Relay For Life begins with the inspiring Survivors’ Lap of Honour. Cancer survivors walk the first lap, cheered and supported by the community. Together we celebrate life and the efforts we are all making to help beat cancer.

Candle of Hope Ceremony

As the evening draws in, everyone gathers to light Candles of Hope and pay tribute to those whose lives have been affected by cancer. Bags are decorated and filled with sand and a glowing candle. When the candles are lit, poignant messages of remembrance and celebration glow around the track. With the ceremony in their minds the teams return to the Relay.

The Relay

CoverAs the celebrations are in full swing, members of each team take turns to walk around the track for the duration of the Relay. All Relays are overnight, marking the fact that cancer never sleeps.

Closing Ceremony

At the end of the Relay, everyone joins together for a final lap to celebrate their fundraising achievements and look back on an unforgettable Relay For Life.


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